Our residential provision: Abbey Green

Abbey Green is our residential provision and provides a perfect setting for young people best suited to the waking-day structure of a residential school placement. Housed across beautiful mews properties and overlooking the falconry and the city walls, Abbey Green enjoys an enviable location that provides direct access into the school building whilst being only a stone’s throw from all of Chester’s amenities.

It is a special place for pupils to live and learn. Young people live in small family groups within each house cared for by a highly skilledwell qualified and nurturing team of residential care staff. Each house has a lounge, kitchen and activity area in addition to bedrooms and bathrooms, all beautifully decorated and equipped as a home away from home. Young people are encouraged to personalise their own area of the house based on their interests and preferences.


Abbey School’s residential accommodation Abbey Green is located in beautiful newly-refurbished mews buildings on the Abbey School grounds in the heart of Chester City Centre. There is safe pedestrian access to the school via walled gardens. The building provides a safe, comfortable, and inviting living environment for pupils aged eight to 19 years. Furnished and decorated by award winning designers, each house has its own garden and outdoor space, along with a lounge, kitchen, and activity area as well as private bedrooms and bathrooms. Pupils are encouraged to personalise their own area of the house based on their interests and preferences.

Our care team

Each house functions as a family unit. Pupils are supported by a highly skilled and well qualified team of residential care staff with relevant social care qualifications. The team comprises a home manager, keyworkers, and a high ratio of residential care staff. A waking-night staff supports pupils throughout the night. The residential care team work in close partnership throughout the academic year with school staff and with families and carers to ensure our pupils can enjoy a safe and nurturing environment.

Extended curriculum

The residential staff offer a rich waking-day curriculum beyond the school day where pupils can use the knowledge and skills learnt at school in home and community settings. The focus is on social, personal care, leisure, and play; older pupils attend increasingly to daily living and domestic skills. Use of community facilities is frequent and regular for a range of recreational, social, and fun-filled activities including, clubs, swimming, cinema and open air theatre at walking distance, bowling, using the gym, climbing, and hiking.


Placements in Abbey Green are available for children in KS2 to KS5. This translates to the academic year in which a young person turns 8 up to the age of 19. A number of boarding options available: 

  • Weekly – 38 weeks, excluding weekends and returning home for all school holidays
  • Half Termly – 38 weeks, including weekends but returning home for all school holidays
  • Termly – 41 weeks, including weekends and half term holidays but returning home for Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays

Pupil Guides

We invite you to read our pupil guides and booklets, which give you a taste of life in our residential provision.

Pupil Guide for Abbey Green

Pupil Guide for Widget

Statement of Purpose

The aim of Abbey School is to improve the life chances of our pupils through high quality education, care and therapeutic support thereby, improving quality of life for each young person and their family. Read our statement of purpose to find out how contribute towards this.


To find out more or for placement enquiries, please contact

Abbey School Principal, Dr Katy Lee

Find out more about our Residential Provision


Local Authority

“I just wanted to take a minute to pass on some feedback on today’s EHCP meeting for [pupil]. I think it was the best EHCP review I have ever attended for a child! It was so lovely to see [pupil] both in the meeting and in all the photos and videos you had prepared. It was incredibly child-centred and kept us all focussed on the positive progress [pupil] is making at Abbey School. I came out of the meeting smiling and I’m sure parents did too.”

Parent of Abbey School Pupil

“I can’t believe the change in our daughter in just a few short weeks. The relief for our family is immense to be certain that she is finally in a place that truly understands her.”

Parent of Abbey School Pupil

“This is the 7th school that our son has attended and each placement has broken down. He is absolutely thriving at Abbey School and has made more progress this term than he has in the past six years.”

Parent of Abbey School Pupil

“Our son is so much happier and content since starting at Abbey School. Recently we have been able to take him and his sister out for the afternoon together. Using the strategies you have given us, he was able to wait and follow simple instructions. We can finally enjoy some time together as a family.”

Parent of Abbey School Pupil

“We are just amazed at how our daughter has changed in a few short weeks from being a very sad, angry little girl, to the calm, happy and chatty girl we see today – we can’t thank you enough!”

Parent of Abbey School Pupil

“5 star reviews all round. Thank you ever so much for supporting our child!”

Parent of Abbey School Pupil

“Thank you for making us the happiest and luckiest people to access your gorgeous, amazing school. We are very privileged and still in disbelief about how much this school is going to make a difference to our lives. We are truly blessed!”

Parent of Abbey School Pupil

“I can’t get over how much you all do for our child. Nowhere has taken all of their needs into consideration like this before and you’re all trying things to support them that nobody else has ever bothered with and you can just see how much their confidence has improved.”

Parent of Abbey School Pupil

“Our son finally has a class team around him that truly understand him.”

Parent of Abbey School Pupil

“We are absolutely delighted and proud of how our son has settled into his new environment.”

Parent of Abbey School Pupil

“Abbey school is not just a school – it’s a family who support the child and the family together.”

Parent of Abbey School Pupil

“I just say how pleased we are with everything. Your staff are amazing, our son loves them and as you know he never wants to leave. The setting is fantastic, I feel totally privileged that my son is part of your school.”

Parent of Abbey School Pupil

“Your autism experience is immense, our son is happy and safe staying at the Green and is becoming more independent. Thanks for all your hard work caring for him, as a mum this is a huge relief to know he’s got a great team around him at the Green!”