Welcome to our first podcast, from the team at Abbey School in Chester.

Over 1 million school aged children in England are classed as having special educational needs. In our first Abbey School podcast, we explore why provision of a learning experience to enable and empower these children, as opposed to merely managing them through their formative years, will offer benefits to our communities as a whole.

A new beginning for SEN schools

At Abbey School for exceptional children we want to set a new standard in special education – a standard that is aspirational and imposes no limits on what can be achieved for each and every pupil. We welcomed Head of the School of Education and Human Development at Bangor University – Professor Carl Hughes, our School Principal – Dr Katy Lee, and Head of Clinical Services at Abbey School – Professor Sandy Toogood, to discuss Abbey School’s Educational Research Alliance (ERA) and explore the strides being made in the field of educational development.

Listen to the podcast here: